CMU’s 75 new employees undergo Gender Sensitivity Training (GST)

The University Center for Gender and Development (UCGAD) trained 75 new employees coming from various units in the university about gender sensitivity as part of the mainstreaming activity of GAD, held at the Farmers Training Center, on November 26.

The training aims to increase understanding of gender as a social construct and the roles of social institutions in reinforcing and perpetuating gender inequalities. It also aims to recognize personal gender biases by becoming more aware of gender myths and facts.

In her opening remarks, Dr. Athena Jan I. Derayunan, HRMO Director, articulated the university’s commitment towards achieving the UCGAD’s mandates: β€œIt is more than a policy but a commitment which our university has engaged in through developing programs that are aligned with social justice, solidarity, and most importantly equitable relations between men and women in decision-making and in developing a better society.”

The GST comprises of talks and workshops about the following topics: Sex and Gender discussed by Engr. Roger Flores; Gender Role Socialization and Development of Gender Stereotypes presented by Mr. Bryan Lee D. Celeste; Manifestation of Gender Biases and Issues discussed by Dr. Josephine M. Gascon; and Addressing Gender Biases and Issues discussed by Prof. Rocelito A. Duropan.

Moreover, workshops were facilitated by Dr. Josephine Arbes, the GAD Focal Person of the College of Agriculture, and Ms. Pamela V. Molejon, GAD Focal Person of the University Library.

The UCGAD technical working group also conducted a pre-test to assess the level of gender sensitivity awareness of the participants and later a post-test to evaluate the participants’ absorption of the topics.

One of the participants, Mr. Novie T. Castro of the Research Office, expressed his appreciation, saying that GST widens his perception about sex and gender, especially in his relationship with his family, workplace, and society.

β€œAs a proud member of the LGBTQ+, such discrimination has always been there around us, and I hope that this training could also help those people with less knowledge about gender sensitivity to better understand us,” he added.

Furthermore, Dr. Marciana R. Zaman, UCGAD chief emphasized the importance of GST training to open up communications between the sexes and to bring mutual understanding and respect of each other’s roles. She also elaborated on the goal of the center which is to mainstream GAD and to develop a gender- sensitive environment in the university.

One of the major activities of UCGAD is the conduct of Gender Sensitivity Training among faculty, staff, and students as stipulated in Memorandum 09-116, s. 2002 and 07-328, s. 2013. (Iyren Dalipe-Neri)

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