CMUans Celebrate Christmas Fest After Pandemic

After two years of the pandemic, Central Mindanao University students celebrated the first face-to-face Christmas festival with the theme “Pasko sa CMU 2022: Masigla, Masaya, and Masagana,” organized by the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) and held at the Grandstand from December 14–16, 2022.

Dr. Cherly C. Cordova, OSA Director, expressed her thanks, saying that after two years of being on hiatus due to the pandemic, the students can appreciate their instructors’ presence and the socialization that could help lessen the problem of depression and anxiety among students. The event’s main goal was to provide students with a chance to relax and have fun after finals, according to Dr. Cordova.

In addition, she said that the semester would only be complete with a Christmas festival for students, and it was the best time to express gratitude. “To express how thankful we are that we survived, that we are masaya and masigla, and that we have a masagana semester despite the pandemic… we survived and not just survived; we came out victorious,” Dr. Cordova added.

CMUans were encouraged to participate in the various events OSA has set. “We tried our best to give you the Christmas festival in 2022, so at your end, we want you to participate in the events that we prepared,” Dr. Cordova said during her Presentation of Events and Mechanics.

In an interview with the students, Mr. Josiah James P. Cueva, a first-year Civil Engineering student, expressed his expectation towards the event and said that the event would make students feel the spirit of Christmas despite the difficulties faced during the final examination week.

Also, a fourth-year student from the College of Education, Ms. Hope Grace Caburnay, said the event’s purpose was to enjoy Christmas year-end before going home. In addition, she was thankful for surviving the challenges after two years of online classes.

Moreover, Dr. Jesus Antonio G. Derije, University President, also expressed his support for the event, saying, “…and we do not want 2022 to end in this prestigious and great university with no Christmas activity,” as mentioned in his welcome remarks.

The OSA prepared cash prizes for the students who participated in the competitions. The competitions included Christmas Card-making, Poster-making, Spoken Poetry, a Christmas Trivia Quiz, and Adopt a TREE.

The celebration concluded with the following activities: a Phone Light Parade, Christmas Jingles, a Christmas Dance Medley, the Mr. and Mrs. Christmas Competition, and an Acoustic Night with the Gypsy Band. [MJDBravo]

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