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CMU Vet Topnotchers reveal the story behind their success

“It was a tough journey before the exam, my friends and I are Catholics, and we traversed miraculous churches of the four provinces,” Valcorza expressed.

“I wake up at 5 am, read until 7 am, and attend review classes from 8 am to 5 pm. Eat dinner then read notes until 12midnight,” Tumapang stated.

CMU College of Veterinary Medicine once again listed as 2nd and 6th place in the recently concluded Veterinarian Licensure Exam, August 14-16.

According to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) together with the Philippine Regulatory Board of Veterinary Medicine, there were 516 out of 1,057 takers who passed the exam.

Paul D. Valcorza Jr. and Kyle A. Tumapang, graduates of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine batch 2019, placed 2nd and 6th rank, respectively. Valcorza Jr. garnered 85.34% and Tumapang got 84.12% rating.

In an interview, both of them shared their struggles and their journey towards passing the licensure exam. According to them, they encountered enormous challenges on their review especially in times of losing couraged, motivation, and will to pursue and endure more studying.

Valcorza said, overcoming those challenges was never easy; however, they progressed to achieve their dreams and to fulfill the expectations of the important people in their lives. “I prayed to God to just pass the exam and the whole batch too.”

He revealed that he managed and temporarily deactivated his social media accounts to give focus and importance on their studies and reviews. “The board exam has no removal test. It’s your future at stake, your family’s name, and entirely you as a person,” he supplemented.

Tumapang, on the other hand, shared that he religiously executed his daily routine for the exam. He wakes up early and read until 7 am then attended his review class from 8 am to 5 pm. Accordingly, he read notes until 12midnight.

When the board exam result was announced, Tumapang received the news from his sister that he passed the exam. “I was shivering and in disbelief upon hearing the news. All the struggles I went through, from day 1 of my review flashbacked and I thanked God so much for this success.”

Valcorza and Tumapang conveyed their deepest gratitude to their previous professors – the CVM faculty, their friends, and families for the support system. “Thank you to our teachers for the very good foundation of knowledge that contributes to our confidence in taking the exam,” Valcorza complemented.

Dr. Alan P. Dargantes, Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine disclosed in an interview that they started their in-house review last year and encouraged their students [examinees] to take seriously the self-review.

“CVM with the bursting support of the university president and the administration employed strategic preparations and interventions for the exam to our students,” said Dr. Dargantes. To inspire their students, they informed them about the financial incentives as a reward if they attain high rankings in the exam.

The board exam for veterinarians is scheduled annually every August. The college continuously excelled and aced in the examination for the last three years. Dr. Philip John S. Sajol, Top 1 in the 2018 Licensure Examination for Veterinarians and is now a faculty member of CVM. (Hiedy S. Caňete)

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