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CMU to launch a digital examination

For interested ULHSAT, SHSAT, CMUCAT, and GSAT takers CMU will be launching a digital examination for easier access and faster results.

In an interview with Dr. Denis A. Tan, Director of Office of Admission, Scholarships, and Placement, she said that as CMU goes for internationalization there is also a need for us to increase our facilities.

A group of IT students at CMU is currently working on the computerization of the exam. Proponent Neil John Jomaya, 2nd year IT student of CMU, is part of the group of IT students given the job to create the website. And accordingly, the website will be indirectly part of Doorstep.

“The digital exam will not be held on an ‘online’ basis to prevent leakage of the exam,” Jomaya said in an online interview.

The digital examination will be a local website, which means it will only be available at specific locations. Hence it cannot be downloaded nor accessed on your mobile phones.

Dr. Tan said that the digital examination started as a plan three years ago. But upon consultation with an IT expert, it would take more resources actually to come up with a fixed online examination.

Currently, the website is still in its infancy stages. More details to follow once the platform is ready to be utilized.

This is a developing story. (ACDoña)

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