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CMU HRMO is PRIME HRM Level II Accredited

CMU HRMO is PRIME HRM Level II Accredited

Jernafernagen L. Jupakkal

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L-R: CSC Prov’l Director Lilia L. Balinguat, CSC Asst. Regional Director Naomi Rabe-Torres, VP for Administration Ricardo G. Villar, VP for Academic Affairs Judith D. Intong and HRMO Chief Haidee Helena H. Garcia receiving the award

The Central Mindanao University  was awarded  by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) with Level II Accredited  Status on the Program  to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence  in Human Resource Management (PRIME- HRM)  on September 22, 2014 at  the Farmers Training Center. CSC Asst. Regional  Director  Naomi Rabe-Torres awarded  the certificate to CMU.

The program to institutionalize PRIME-HRM  inculcates  meritocracy  and excellence in public service  of the human resource management systems  through programs of reward, recognition,  empowerment and  continuous development.

The results of the Comprehensive HRM  Assistance, Review and Monitoring (CHARM) conducted by the CSC Region X last November 18-19, 2013 showed that the Human Resources Management Office passed and complied with all the requirements for Level II accreditation status.   The appointments and personnel actions conform  to the  CSC laws, rules and regulations. The HR Plan  covering Organizational Profile,  HR Systems  and Employee  Health  and Wellness  programs are fully  operational. CMU has a  sound HR Management records.  Most importantly, the HRMO Personnel met the required competency level.

Congratulations once again to CMU thru  HRMO Chief Haidee Helena H. Garcia  who committed to exceed performances  to achieve the HR maturity level  so that it   can be recommended  to Level III –Deregulated  Status comes  the next evaluation period.

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