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CMU Alumnus aces 2021 Registered Master Electrician Licensure Examination and Registered Electrical Engineer Licensure Examination

Engineer Jay Leoneil Moralde Dormal, a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering graduate of Central Mindanao University, topped the 2021 Registered Master Electrician Licensure Examination (top 5) and the Registered Electrical Engineer Licensure Examination (top 6). 

 In his Facebook status, Engr. Dormal said it was a harrowing experience for individuals who chose to take the board exam in Cebu. They faced cancellations and other terrible events due to the pandemic, which led to stress and depression. As the exam day approaches, speculations circulate that the Cebu exam will be canceled. “Although it strips off our motivation, it was never a reason for me to quit studying and stop my readings. I did not allow it to falter me because my family and friends did not stop supporting me, “his post further stated.

 Engr. Dormal had already completed two lengthy reviews (online and in-person) that lasted about a year. From November 2020 to April 2021, he completed an online review at the Excel Review Center-Electrical Engineering Review. Unfortunately, the first exam scheduled in April was canceled, so he and his family decided that he would take another review (face-to-face) in the CERTC EE Review Center, Cebu, beginning in April and ending in August 2021. “Despite the fact that the exam was still uncertain, we gambled… which is why we cannot afford another cancellation,” Engr. Dormal accentuated.

 In an interview, he shared his “formula” for passing the licensure exam. Aside from rigorous time management, cleverly working, and avoiding trivial stuff, he highlighted that the best recipe for acing the exam was always to keep the purpose of studying in mind. He also emphasized that if you find it difficult to do anything alone, go with friends or someone who can assist you, since it will not only assist you in achieving your objective, but it will also help you develop your character to become a better human being in some way.

 He then encourages students that, although studying is already challenging, he says the most challenging part is getting up from failures. Failures are the ropes that hold you back from achieving your goals, according to him. “Like in mathematical terms, when you fail “n” times, stand up “n + 1″ times… to be on top, you should always aim high and never hesitate to try. Always do your best without doubting yourself. Also, by the time you find success, keep your feet on the ground—for humility is what makes success greater. Don’t forget to look back from where you came. ” 

 He then addresses his fellow CMU students who aspire to be top performers in the future that he reached what he is today because he lived by this quote since he was young— “Run towards your dreams. But if you get tired of running, then walk. If you get tired of walking, then crawl. If you get tired of crawling, then roll. It doesn’t matter how slowly you are moving, as long as you keep moving forward.”

Aside from Engr. Dormal, there were also 22 REE and 17 RME passers from Central Mindanao University. CMU has a passing rate of 89.47% over the national passing rate of 67.44% for RME and a CMU passing rate of 78.57% over the national passing rate of 64.40% for REE. (LCESimbajon)

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