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Arts And Sciences Week


The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), headed by Dr. Rolito G. Eballe, celebrated the Arts and Sciences Week with the theme CAS: Reaping Its Icons’ Fame,February 11-15 2013.

CAS celebrates this event every February, in collaboration with the CAS Socio-cultural Committeeand CAS Student Council (CASSCO).

The highlights of the week’s celebration include Debate Clash, Film Viewing, CMU Music Society Gala Concert, Dance Theater, Painting Exhibit, Photowalk and Photo Exhibit, 1 vs. 50, Science Quiz Show, Physics Exhibit, Biology Floral Arrangement Contest, Poetry Seminar Workshop, Trigo Champ, and High School Stat society

On February 15, the customary parade of students, faculty and staff of the college started. Different departments wore their department identities. The teaching faculty of the Dept. of Languages and Literature added a little twist in their usual parade attire: they wore the costumes of their favorite literary characters. artsweek9artsweek8artsweek artsweek4Right after the parade, the ceremonial opening followed. It was graced by notable speakers, Dr. Anthony L. Tan and Dr. Reggie Dela Cruz. Both are icons in the arts and sciences.

dr. tan2

Dr. Tan is one of the most acknowledged poets in the country and abroad, having won three Palanca awards for poetry. Dr. Dela Cruz, a recognized icon in Biology, is this year’s nominee for Outstanding Young Scientists (OYM) of the Philippines; to join the cluster National Scientists in the country.

dr. tan

The CAS building became the ‘Broadway’ of artistic and scientific displays. CAS-based societies organized activities and filled the last day of celebration.

CAS Socio-cultural Committee and CAS Student Council (CASSCO) are grateful to all the faculty, staff and students who actively participated in the activities during the Arts and Sciences Week.


The CAS Socio-cultural Committee officers and members are Ms. Doreen L. Gersava, Ms. Queenie Paylaga, Mr. Bobbie Guzman, Prof. Gloria Galan, Mr. Agapito Bayron Jr., Mr. Reynante Casiro, Mr. Rene Bonifacio, Mr. Bryan Lee Celeste, Ms. Freddielyn Bolasa, Ms. April Rose Figueras, Ms. Mayflor Arambala, Ms. Shiena Mae Balbon, Ms. Jo-anne Noses, with Ms. Marilag Mateo.

By Doreen Elsie Jane L. Gersava

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