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 Artizan Org appreciates soil as a new medium

The University through the Public Relations and Information Office spearheaded the culmination of the Arts Month with the theme The Promise of Soil in the Land of Promise. This activity is part of PRIO’s annual advocacy and is now in its third year, titled PRIO Gives Love, held at the University Convention Center on February 28.

PRIO invited the world-renowned soil painter, Ms. Salima Saway, to inspire students, especially those engaged in arts, to explore soil as a new medium. According to Salima Saway, the soil is indigenous, economical, and symbolic material.

One of the participants in the workshop and a member of the Artizan (an art organization of the university), Ms. Elaine Palarca, said that she enjoyed the workshop and would continue to explore the medium.

“Soil Painting is truly interesting–the application is somehow similar to watercolor, but they differ highly in their texture…it provides so much depth in a painting. I enjoyed the experience and learned a lot,” Palarca said.

Another participant and a member of the Artizan, Mr. Cliff Axel Alsola, also revealed that the organization plans to utilize soil as a new medium for the next batch of aspiring artists.

“..The Artizan organization would actually love to implement this medium to the next batch of aspiring artists that would like to join the organization..the medium is promising,” Alsola said.

Moreover, Alsola disclosed that he has been practicing some techniques that Salima taught him during the workshop.

“.. I am planning on making a masterpiece out of it…the challenge is there…” he asserted.

The culmination program gathered one hundred eighty-nine art enthusiasts and art students excluding the online attendees of the FB live stream with 1.8K views. [Iyren Dalipe-Neri]

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