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59 faculty, staff join seminar on public accountability

Fifty-nine faculty, staff, and researchers participated in the two-day Gender and Development-Public Accountability and Values Enhancement Seminar (GAD-PAVES) held on Sept. 4-5, at the Farmers Training Center.

 The Human Resource Management Office (HRMO) led by Dr. Haidee Helena H. Garcia regularly conducts this activity to uphold righteousness among employees in the University. It was also supported by the University Center for Gender and Development (UCGAD).

 The seminar was attended by employees selected from all units of the university. This year’s attendees were 37 select faculty and staff, and 22 GeoSafer researchers from the College of Forestry and Environmental Science.

 The resource speakers were from the Council for Restoration of Filipino Values-Corruption Prevention Unit (CRFV-CPU), a non-government organization (NGO) and learning and development institute accredited by the Civil Service Commission. They were Mr. Richard D. Razon, action officer; Mr. Jesus V. Sison, program supervisor; and Mr. Voltaire L. Acosta, CRFV national director.

 In his talk on “Selfless Love,” Mr. Sison encouraged participants to have love for their work, workmates, and the workplace. He said: “As an employee, you are empowered by your institution’s vision of becoming a good public servant.”

 Jasper Vaughn P. Belmes, research associate of GeoSafer, concurred: “As public servants, you need to value your work and time and be able to become a good role model.”

 He added: “I also learned that I need to seek information from my colleagues to have additional knowledge about my work.”

 Other topics discussed were Introduction to Public Accountability and Values Enhancement; Love of God; Respect to Authority; Sanctity of Marriage; Taming of the Tongue; RA 6713 (Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards) and Executive Order 292 (Various Administrative Offenses). (MJTalisay)

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