Monday , 25 January 2021

Student Organizations and Activities

Recognition/accreditation, supervision and monitoring of student organizations including the evaluation of their activities and accomplishments are the core responsibilities of this unit. Student Organizations are classified into:

(1) University Wide
(2) College Council
(3) Class
(4) Non-Class
(5) Greeks

In applying for registration of student organizations, the students should comply all the registration requirements and even attended the Strategic Planning Seminar held before the strart of classes. OSA will check the documents and interview the new organizations and Fraternities/Sororities. The OSA director will recommend the qualified student organizations to be registered and shall function in the university abiding the rules and regulations of the institution. It is of great advantage for all Registered Student Organizations to be recognized for they can conduct all their activities in and off-campus if with the approval of the Univeristy President

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