Sunday , 27 September 2020


As an institution of higher learning, CMU has been striving for excellence in research. The university is committed to undertake and promote collaborative, participatory and interdisciplinary research to generate knowledge and technologies capable of improving the quality of life.

A good research abridges economic, social, environmental, agricultural, educational and social gaps toward sustainability. Hence, CMU has responded to the demands for national development, directing research activities towards goals for development.

With this, the university shall develop programs for attaining peace, food security, people empowerment, sustainable environment, forest resources management, agro-industrialization, biodiversity conservation, and goat R&D Program for a progressive and humane society. Part of attaining these goals is to pursue several equipping standards. The university has to harness and develop the human resources in the university, conduct periodic evaluation of the faculty’s researches, improve laboratory and research facilities to produce quality outputs, establish and maintain linkages with other government and non-government institutions locally and internationally, and conduct relevant basic and applied researches to address the needs in the community, region and country as a whole.

The pursuit of these research thrusts underwent refinements to enable the implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and utilization of various research results.


MOA signing with GREASE at Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand on May 10, 2012

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