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  1. Testing Service

The administration, scoring and interpretation of standardized psychological tests in the areas of intelligence, aptitude, personality, interest, needs or other affective scales utilized to generate a more comprehensive picture  of  student/client traits  or  characteristics. The testing program is designed and implemented to help the students gain understanding of their needs and personality, realize their potentials, identify strengths and weakness and recognize its implications. It is implemented per year level to all colleges for free and extended towards applicants of university faculty or staff and outside agencies/companies with the testing fee of 100 pesos.


  1. Counseling Service

The purposive interaction between counselee and counselor, individually or in groups where the client’s needs, problems, difficulties are shared, examined and processed with the ultimate goal of  empowering clients to effectively manage his/her concerns. Areas of concern can be academic, personal or  social which may focus  on  personality, emotion, attitude, values or  actual behavior.  It can  be  voluntarily (walk-in) or  by referral from faculty, department/unit head or staff, counselor, parent and other student.

Provides a helping relationship in individual or in group sessions. Available information and the counselor training and skills are utilized to assist   individuals   in   understanding   themselves   and   others,   making decisions, solving certain behavioral problems and improving their relationships with themselves and with their peers.


  1. Guidance/Information Service

The intentional and purposive delivery of information to students which aims to enable students utilized provided information to reasonably guide choices and actions. Its various categories may include institutional, educational, occupational and personal. Modes of delivery includes dissemination through bulletin board, postings, flyers, brochures, orientation, training-workshops, online inquiries and radio programs.


This service is built upon the principle that guidance services should be   more  “preventive”  than  “curative”.  Orientation,  seminars,  training sessions and workshops are conducted to guide student’s progress in school and prevent problems and maladjustments.

       3.1  FRESHMEN ORIENTATION                                   

A half-day seminar session for freshmen students and transferees to assists   individual’s   orientation   to   self,   others   and   the   nature   and expectations of university life. It also provides them the opportunity to make initial acquaintances and establish friendships among their peers


With the aim of assisting the University in providing an environment for a better development and evaluation of the student’s psychosocial, personal and academic growth processes, the Guidance and Counseling Center has designed the FO for all freshmen and transferees to:

  1. extend a warm welcome to freshmen and transferees as newcomers of the University and give them a chance to be acquainted with other new students;
  2. assist them in their adjustment to their new environment and to their transition to college life;
  3. imbibe to  them  the  Mission Statement of  Central  Mindanao University; and inform them of the University rules and regulations and the different sites of colleges and offices, as well as their services and physical facilities.


  1. A. Lectures
  1. Overview of Central Mindanao University
  1. University Rules and Regulations
  1. Enrollment Procedures and Academic Concerns and Issues
  1. Other topics relevant to the theme chosen


  1. Career Development Service

This is designed to assists students in their career planning and choices.  It  can  be  categorized as  first  career  education  by  conducting seminar such as career guidance including topics regarding preparing effective  cover  letter/resume  and  interview  for  a  smart  job  applicant,

personality enhancement (power  dressing/proper decorum),  professional expectation  and  work  orientation  and  the  second  category  is  career information through posting of job vacancies.


      4.1  Career Guidance Seminar


Career Guidance alongside with other guidance services aims to assist  the  students  to  pursue  their  career  and  educational  aspirations through placement in schools, training centers and workplaces appropriate to  their  needs,  preparation and  level. The end goal of career development is to enable the student to achieve direction and fulfill his goals in life.

As an institution of higher learning, Central Mindanao University has the obligation to provide its constituents career education programs along self-understanding, awareness of the world of work, planning, and decision- making skills, and appreciation for the dignity of work.

The Seminar-Workshop helps bring about the accomplishment of paramount objective of educational institutions to enable the student to become an economically contributing citizen of society. Career development services is one of the boundary linkages between the school programs and curricula and the community environment which demands from the school a type of manpower supply to feed its industrially or commercially developing economy.  No longer can educational institutions (CMU for that matter) remain detached from the realities of the environment. There is a need for the University to keep in tune with the training needs of industry. On the other hand, the institution owes its students the responsibility to preserve their own abilities, potentialities and interests.



After attending the seminar the participants are expected to:

  1. know the importance of  power  dressing and  communication skills for effective interview;
  2. make a job-winning resume and cover letter;
  3.  develop the necessary knowledge and skills in handling interviews



  1. Power  Dressing   and   Communication   Skills   for   Effective



  1. How to Make a Job-Winning Resume and Cover Letter
  1. Other topics relevant to the theme chosen


  1. Evaluation Service

Conducts evaluation on the guidance services to provide relevant information and scientific basis on the study of individual behaviors and attitudes and assess the effectiveness of the guidance program.

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