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Natural Products Research and Development Center

The University can play a crucial role in natural products research and development. Its vision and mission, which calls for environmental consciousness and action for a sustainable environment and humane society, have led to the establishment of the Natural Products Research and Development Center (NPRDC).

The NPRDC shall be responsible for providing and maintaining state-of-the-art natural products research and development laboratories.  It shall be at the forefront in natural products and by-products research. It shall promote the propagation, protection, and conservation of the endemic plant species. The Center also renders analytical services to researchers and students from different institutions, agencies, industries, and the surrounding scientific community.


The Natural Products Research and Development Center (NPRDC) shall plan and implement  programs for natural products research, training, education, and community extension; establish linkages with Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs), Local Government Units (LGUs), non-government organizations (NGOs), government organizations (GOs) and other stakeholders;  coordinate all the activities of the units in the implementation of their respective research programs; provide technical and logistic support in carrying out approved natural products-related researches; monitor and evaluate natural products research and extension activities of the Center and collaborate with other HEIs.

A globally recognized provider of quality analytical, research, and training services, and spearhead of research and development on natural products and allied fields


  • To be at the forefront in serving natural products research and development
  • To advance natural products research and development by conducting research and development studies, supporting and providing mechanisms for interdisciplinary collaborations within the University, as well as stimulating interactions with other institutions, agencies, and industries.


The Natural Products Research and Development Center (NPRDC) has 3 Laboratories: Preparation Room, Instrument Room, and Microbiology Room. The laboratories are used for research projects/activities and analytical services.   

Currently, we offer the following services:
  • Preparation and Concentration of Crude Extracts
  • Qualitative Phytochemical Analysis
  • Laboratory Room and Facility Use
  • Equipment Use (FT-IR, UV-Vis, HPLC, etc.)
  • Research Assistance and Consultation
For the schedule of fees and further queries, please email us at


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