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Graduate School

Brief History

The CMU Graduate School started as visionaries from the College of Education of the then Mindanao Agricultural College (MAC) convinced of their human capabilities and resources to initiate graduate curriculum way back in school year 1959-1960. The Graduate School then was instituted under the supervision of the Dean of the College of Education who was Prof. Francisco Lagahit at that time. The graduate program authorized by the Board of Trustees was one leading to Master of Agricultural Education (MAgEd). With the pioneering four professors teaching the courses, 10 students who were mostly teachers signed up for the program in 1959. Apparently, they lost their enthusiasm and dropped along the way, only two survived to finish the degree. The first graduate was Dr. Alfonso T. Painagan who finished in 1965. The next was Prof. Enrique M. Paller in March 1966. However, since there was no mid-year graduation, the two were conferred the degree on March 1966.

After 1966, no one enrolled partly due to a change in the policy and the operation of the Graduate School was temporarily suspended. In 1978, the then CMU President Dr. Isabelo S. Alcordo challenged Dr. Marcelino N. Maceda to reopen the Graduate School. But it was not until the school year 1979-1980 when the Board of Regents authorized the re-opening of the school and the President appointed Dr. Alfonso T. Painagan as Dean of the Graduate School. A total of 52 students enrolled during that revival year. The graduate faculty were those who held masters and doctoral degrees and had ranks not lower than Assistant Professor.

The profile of leadership in the Graduate School can be gleaned from the following data.

Graduate School Deans/OIC’s

1. Dr. Myrna G. Ballentes

Dean, Graduate School effective January 10, 2011 up to present.

2. Dr. Nenita I. Prado

Dean, Graduate School effective July 29, 2003 to January 9, 2011.

3. Dr. Evelyn L. Barrido

Acting Dean, Graduate School effective December 18, 2000 – July 28, 2003.

4. Dr. Rigoberta T. Hebron

Dean, Graduate School effective January 14, 1994 – December 15, 2003.

5. Dr. Conrado M. Duque, Sr

Dean, Graduate School effective 1 November 1990 – 1994

6. Dr. Mardonio M. Lao

Officer-In-Charge, Graduate School 1989-1990 Dean, Graduate School effective 16 September 1989 until 31 October 1990.

7. Dr. Lydia N. Mercado

Acting Dean, Graduate School effective 1986 – 1989

8. Dr. Constancio C. Cañete

ActingDean,GraduateSchooluponthe 1984 -1985 retirement of Dr. Painagan

9.Dr. Alfonso T. Painagan

Dean, Graduate School effective School 1981 – 1984.Year 1981-1982 until 31 July 1984.

10.Dr. Marcelino N. Maceda

Dean, Graduate School and the College ofArts & Sciences effective uponassumptionof duty and to expire three (3)years thereafter.(Res.No. 57, 1976; 40thMeeting dated Dec. 21, 1976) 1976- 1981

The leadership of specializations ranging from the fields of anthropology, agricultural education, agriculture, biology, forestry, home economics, the social science, and education, somehow, led to the shaping of the curricular programs.

The Graduate School has endeavored to pursue the quest for quality and excellence in graduate education through encouragement and promotion of development programs, projects and activities in research, scholarship, faculty and staff development, curricular relevance and refinement and other activities conducive to the attainment of graduate education goals.

II. Goals of Graduate School

The CMU Graduate School shall develop in its students critical thinking and provide them with relevance training through scientific inquiry and independent research.

III. Objectives of the Graduate School

Graduate Education in CMU aims to:

  1. offer relevant graduate curricular programs responsive to the needs of time;
  2. train men and women who are academically competitive and multi-task capable in their field of specialization;
  3. undertake independent and relevant researches, extension and production activities for educational advances particularly theories and practices;
  4. establish networking with the global communities for sustainable development.



The Graduate School maintains the offering of the following thirty seven degree programs (11 doctoral programs and 26 Master’s):

Degree                                      Major Fields

Doctor of Philosophy

Agricultural Economics

Agricultural Education


Animal Science

Educational Administration



Mathematical Science major in Mathematics Education

Plant Pathology

Soil Science

Doctor of Philosophy in Biology






Master of Science

Agricultural Economics

Agricultural Education

Agricultural Extension


Animal Science

Development Communication


Food Science

General Science Education


Plant Pathology

Soil Science

Mathematics Education


Master of Science in Biology






Master of Science in Forestry

Forest Biological Sciences

Forest Resources Management

Wood Science and Technology

Master of Arts

Administration and Supervision


Language Education (English)

Language Education (Filipino)

H.E. Education

H.E. Extension

Master of Agribusiness Management

Agribusiness Management

Non- Thesis Masters Programs:

Master of Education

Master of Language Education

Master of School Mathematics


There are 90 faculty members of the Graduate School as of 2ndsemester 2011-2012. Of which, 66% are PhD holders while 34% are Master’s degree holders.


  1. Bachelor’s and master’s degree from CMU or from other recognized institution of higher learning for the master’s and doctoral levels, respectively:
  2. Accomplished Application form supported by the original transcript of academic records;
  3. Take and pass the Graduate School Admission Test (GSAT)
  4. Two candid appraisal from former major professors or superiors for master’s level and three candid appraisals for doctoral level;
  5. A non refundable application fee of P200.00 for Filipino or Php 3,000.00 for foreign nationals in bank draft or money order remitted to the Graduate School,
  6. A Certificate of English proficiency is required of applicants from countries where English is not the medium of instruction and/or not the native language.

The application form, properly and duly accomplished must be submitted to the Graduate School at least one month before the enrollment period.

During enrollment period an applicant must submit to the Graduate School the following documents properly and duly accomplished;

  • Original Local Civil Registrar Form No. 1A (LCR Form 1A – Certificate of Live Birth);
  • Certificate of Honorable Dismissal
  • 4 pcs 2×2 ID picture
  • Photocopy of Marriage Contract ( if Married)
  • Student Visa, Special Study Permit from BOI and Photocopy of passport ( if Foreign Student)

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