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Office: Office of Admissions, Scholarships and Placement (OASP)
Office Director: DR. NENITA I. PRADO
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The Office of Admissions, Scholarships and Placement (OASP)

Located at the ground floor of the Graduate School Building, Central Mindanao University, Musuan Bukidnon.

The OASP can be contacted:

Office of Admissions, Scholarship and Placement
Central Mindanao University
Musuan Bukidnon

oasp_cmu@yahoo.com/ Mobile number 0917-548-5131

Or in any of the following:
E-mail Ad: cmu1910op@cmu.edu.ph
University website: https://www.cmu.edu.ph
Telephone/ Fax No. (088) 356-1912

The office aims to:

  1. Implement a viable  and effective  student recruitment program;
  2. Develop admission tests  for secondary, tertiary and post graduate level students;
  3. Impose the qualification requirements of students admitted  to the degree programs of CMU in order  to sufficiently  achieve the targets of the university;
  4. Assess new opportunities  and interests for considerations in the recruitment program;
  5. Evaluate, monitor,  and supervise the various scholarship programs in the tertiary and post graduate  levels;
  6. Provide information, guidance and assistance on matters of recruitment, admissions and placement and;
  7. Coordinate with different academic units and help facilitate in the placement of graduates.

The Office of Admissions, Scholarships and Placement  (OASP)  is a unit under the direct supervision  of the Office of the Vice-President  for the Academic Affairs,  Central Mindanao University,  Musuan Bukidnon. It is headed  by a Director  who will supervise student admissions, scholarships and placement.  The functions are being carried  out in accordance  to the mandate of the university as stipulated  in Republic act  No. 4498 in 1965.

The Office of Admissions, Scholarships and Placement  (OASP)  serves for  the following functions:

First, the office serves as implementing arm of the Admission Tests Board in the secondary,  tertiary and graduate levels, for the recruitment, selection and admission of student applicants.  The office is tasked  to disseminate  information,  conduct information drive on admission and career talk,  administer  and release  entrance examination result, process application for admission   credentials, and utilize  admissions through studies/ research.

Second, the office coordinates scholarships for various colleges for undergraduate  and graduate students. It is tasked to disseminate scholarships provided   by funding agencies that offer scholarships, process  application  credentials  for the scholarship, monitor and evaluate the performance of scholars  through research.

Third,  it assists job placement of  students.  The office shall establish  linkages  with reputable agencies/ companies  for purposes of providing assistance to graduating students in seeking jobs through job fairs. In addition, it will come up with a directory of graduates for dissemination to employing agencies/ companies. The office  shall  also keep  records of  employability of graduates.

As an office  under the direct supervision of the Vice- President for Academic Affairs, this  office is  headed by a Director  who supervises and coordinates  with the Deans of  Colleges namely   College of Agriculture, College of  Arts and Sciences, College of Business and Management, College of Education, College of Engineering, College of Forestry and  Environmental Science, College of Human Ecology, College of Nursing,  and the College of  Veterinary Medicine.


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