• Biodiversity Inventory, Re-assessment, Monitoring and Conservation in Mindanao Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Sites

List of Researchers

1.       Victor B. Amoroso Program Leader
2.       Fulgent P. Coritico Research Assistant
PROJECT 1 . Floristic Inventory, Assessment and Conservation in Mindanao LTER Sites
3.       Florfe M. Acma Project Leader
4.       Rico A. Marin Study leader Study 1. Trees and Shrubs Inventory and Assessment
5.       Glen Seniel Research Collaborator
6.       Adrian M. Tulod Research Collaborator
7.       Jennifer G. Opiso Research Collaborator
8.       Ronald R. Baldo Science Aide
Florfe M. Acma Study Leader Study 2. Inventory and Assessment of Herbaceous Flowering Plants
9.       Dave P. Beunavista Research Collaborator
10.    Jerome B. Ga-as Science Aide
11.    Hannah P. Lumista Study Leader Study 3. Inventory and Assessment of Herbaceous Pteridophytes
12.    Johnrey Callado Research Collaborator
13.    Aurfeli D. Nietes Science Aide
14.    Reggie Y. dela Cruz Study Leader Study 4. Conservation and Primary Productivity of Threatened, Endemic and Economic Species of Plants in Philippine LTER Sites
15.    Victoria T. Quimpang Study Leader
16.    Volker Heinrich Research Collaborator
17.    Diana Rose Y. Jacalan Science Aide
PROJECT 2. Faunal Inventory, Assessment and Monitoring in Mindanao LTER Sites
18.    Alma B. Mohagan Project Leader/Study Leader Study 1. Inventory, Assessment and Monitoring of Vertebrate Fauna
19.    Olga M. Nuñeza Study Leader
20.    Arvin C. Diesmos Research Collaborator
21.    Fretzie A. Camino Research Collaborator
22.    Jose Escarlos Jr. Research Collaborator
23.    Arturo G. Gracia Jr. Project Assistant
24.    Eric Claire T. Selapa Science Aide
25.    Myrna G. Ballentes Study Leader Study 2. Invertebrate Fauna
26.    Nonillon M. Aspe Research Collaborator
27.    Aljun P. Perez Science Aide
28.    Leonil Jun B. Baguhin Laborer
PROJECT 3. Characterization of Abiotic Components in Selected LTER sites
29.    Perfecto B. Bojo Project Leader and Study Leader Study 1. Climate Characterization in LTER Sites
30.    Krishnell C. Lastimosa Project Assistant
31.    Nonilona P. Daquiado Study Leader Study 2. Soil Characterization in LTER Sites
32.    Renato D. Boniao Study Leader
33.    Raul M. Ebuña Research Collaborator
34.    Renato G. Tabañag Science Aide
35.    Victorio A. Palattao Resource Person
PROJECT 4. Documentation of Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) and Policy Studies
36.    Lucy B. Ledres Project Leader and Study Leader Study 1. Documenting Farmers’ Indigenous Knowledge to Conserve, Protect and Promote Biodiversity
37.    Judith D. Intong Research Collaborator
38.    Maria Emily S. Damag Research Collaborator
39.    Karen N. Lucino Project Assistant
40.    Janet M. Arnado Study Leader Study 2. Women as Indigenous Knowledge Bearers in LTER Sites
41.    Laarni F. Lacandula Research Collaborator
42.    Alden May Y. Batuto Science Aide
43.    Luzviminda T. Simborio Study Leader Study 3. Indigenous Knowledge: Village-based ethno-Veterinary Practices in LTER Sites
44.    Melrose P. Condino Research Collaborator
45.    Jocelyn D. Maglasang Science Aide
PROJECT 5. Valuing Ecological Services: Stakeholders’ Use Value for Long-Term Ecological Research Sites in Mindanao
46.    Adel S. Laureto Project Leader/Study Leader Study 1. Economic Valuation of Ecological Services in Mt. Musuan, Maramag, Bukidnon and Mt. Kitanglad, Bukidnon
47.    Ricardo G. Villar Study Leader Study 2. Economic Valuation of Ecological Services in Mt. Malindang, Misamis Occidental
Ricardo G. Villar Study 3. Economic Valuation of Ecological Services in Mt. Hamiguitan, Davao Oriental and Mt. Apo, Davao del Sur
48.    Lowella R. Angcos Research Collaborator
49.    Thea Arbie S. Rivera Research Collaborator
50.    Novy Grace A. Bretaña Science Aide
PROJECT 6. Ecological Assessment and Monitoring of Aquatic Ecosystems in Mindanao Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Sites
51.    Eistine M. Opiso Project Leader
52.    Maridol R. Gregorio Study Leader Study 1. Assessment and Monitoring of Plankton and Primary Production of Lakes/Rivers in Mindanao LTER Sites
53.    Maricris G. Cudal Science Aide
Victoria T. Quimpang Study Leader Study 2. Assessment and Monitoring of Lake/River Fisheries at Mindanao LTER Sites
54.    Gloria L. Galan Study Leader Study 3. Macro-invertebrate Species Composition and Abundance of Mindanao Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Sites
55.    Benjo M. Logramonte Science Aide
Eistine M. Opiso Study Leader Study 4. Hydro-geochemical characterization of aquatic ecosystems inMindanao LTER Sites
56.    Verne Lloyd B. Calunsag Science Aide
57.    Angela Grace T. Bruno Research Collaborator
58.    Emmanuel P. Leaño Research Collaborator Study 5. Sedimentation Rates in Lakes /Rivers of Mindanao Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Sites
Florfe M. Acma/Victor B. Amoroso Study 6. Aquatic and Riparian Flora of Mindanao Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Sites
Title Role Funding Agency Year
  • Morphology, Re-Assessment and Conservation of Threatened, Endemic, Rare, Economic Philippine Pteridophytes (TEREP)
Project Leader DOST-PCAARRD December 1, 2011 to December 1, 2013
  • Establishment of Pteridogarden and Utilization of Indigenous Mindanao Edible Ferns as an Alternative Food Source
Project Leader DA-BAR 2011-2013
  • Mt. Malindang Rainforestation Project
Project Leader PAMB & Trees for Travel Foundation of the Netherlands July 2008 up to the present
  • Morphology, Ecology and Conservation of Selected Threatened, Endemic, Rare and Economic Species of Vascular Plants in Mindanao
Project Leader CMU July 2010- May 2013
  • UP-CIDS Philippine Biodiversity Information System entitled “Flora of the Philippines
Co-Principal Investigator UP-CIDS March 1 to June 30 , 2012